IT Support

Let us look after all of your I.T. needs.Software, hardware, networking, backups, at work or at home, we can help you by supporting any of your I.T. requirements.Remote or in house we can keep all of your systems running reliably and show you how to get the most from them.

Current Customers

We currently look after a number of small to medium business all around Australia covering industries such as furniture sales, mortgage brokers, accounting, engineering, printing and many home users.

No Fix, No Fee

We can and will do all we can to fix your problem, no matter how long it takes, but in the unfortunate situation that we can't fix your problem we will not charge you at all.

From the Blog

One of the last great pieces of internet real estate is up for sale is for sale. In the very specific world of internet domain-name sales, is the kind of gem that doesn’t come on the market often. It’s short. It’s memorable. And it’s a term that, according to the domain’s current owner, some 15,000 people already type directly into their browsers each month, hoping—we can only…

Fire erupts at core Telstra Chatswood exchange

A fire broke out in Telstra’s exchange in the Sydney suburb of Chatswood on Thursday afternoon, downing mobile and fixed services for customers nationwide and causing text messages to be sent to the wrong recipients. At around 1:40pm on Thursday afternoon Telstra advised that power equipment at the Chatswood facility had been damaged by the…